We aim to deliver consistent ongoing value to customers, employees and local communities by safely and sustainably operating high-quality services. Sustainable development is one of the core values of Erdenes Tavantolgoi JSC. We have an enduring commitment to establish a healthy local water supply system. We also remain devoted to the implementation of the Billion Tree project which will reduce dust in the greater Gobi region, positively impact surface water resources, and help provide a reliable water source for livestock, agriculture and the general population.


Environmental Policy

The company follows a policy to continuously improve its operations in accordance with the principles of environmentally friendly planning and implementation of natural resources in its business activities, taking into account any risks that may adversely affect the environment, and establishing a comprehensive management system for prevention and rehabilitation. This includes: 

  1. Full adherence and implementation of Environmental management system ISO 14001:2015 standard in projects and operations of mines, factories, railways, power plants, water supply and urban development;
  2. Reforestation of areas affected by mining activities and intensive desertification through the implementation of the “Million Tons - Million Trees” program within the framework of the “Billion Trees” national movement;
  3. Reduction  of the potential impact on the environment from production and service activities, rehabilitating existing impacts, and compensating for residual impacts to enhance the quality of life for local communities;
  4. Within the framework of GHG reduction, energy consumption will be replaced by renewable energy, methane exploration and mining projects will be intensified, a conveyor system will be introduced into production, and the establishment of green areas will be increased;
  5. Within the framework of water management, efficient and economical use of groundwater and surface water, introduction of a sustainabale and healthy water supply system, water purification and reuse, support of surface and groundwater projects as well as the regular implementation of water monitoring programs;
  6. Introduction of green products based on innovation, biotechnology and nanotechnology discoveries by expanding cooperation with research and development organizations.


A Community Environment

The unavoidable impact of mining operation will be continually offset with compensation measures in accordance with global best-practice environmental protection principles. These include measures to mitigate the negative effects of climate change on local communities and to revitalise neglected mine rehabilitation programs in Mongolia. For example:

  • Within the framework of infrastructure projects implemented by ETT JSC, an integrated study of wildlife migration will be conducted in cooperation with professional organizations. Measures will be taken to protect local wildlife and their supporting ecosystems in a phased approach.
  • In order to support the creation of a local community-friendly environment, forest ‘strips’ will be established under the “Green Gobi” program. Within this framework, 100,000 trees will be planted and maintained in a reforestation area.
  • The  mine rehabilitation program in Mongolia will be implemented through the government's policy. This is scientifically sound and consistent with regional development goals. In addition, our investment in the rehabilitation of neglected mines will impact positively on ETT’s social responsibility scorecard at national and international levels.

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